Logging in to eTender

If you have successfully requested a password and obtained a one-time password you can log in to eTender.

To log in to eTender:


1. From the eTender Home page click on , the eTender Login page is displayed.



  1. Type your user name in the User Name field and your one-time password in the Password field and click . You can copy (to copy text, select the text then press [Ctrl-c] on your keyboard) and paste (to paste text, position the cursor where you want the text to be placed, then press [Ctrl-v] on your keyboard) your one-time password from the Request a password page. If you don't know your user name you can request your user name.

  2. If you are logging in with a one-time password then the Change Password page will be displayed

  1. Enter your one time password again in the Password field. Choose a new password and enter this in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields. The password you choose must consist of at least eight characters and it must have at least one letter plus one number plus one special character (!, @, ?, $...) . The following special characters are not permitted <>. Click on

  2. A message is displayed confirming that your password has been changed.
    Click on

  3. The My Tender Listing page is displayed, showing details of the tenders that are applicable to you. F.

    You can now select a tender by clicking on the description of the tender and  view or download the tender documents and submit a tender