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No : 16659804CON1 Regions : Moreton North/Sunshine Coast
Description : REDCLIFFE POLICE STATION - DESIGN & DOCUMENTATION FOR HVAC UPGRADE - This project will cover the replacement of all the existing FCUs, cleaning and repair of existing ductwork and upgrade of the supply air duct insulation at Level 2 (First Floor) to minimize condensat - Consultancy Federal Electorates : Petrie
Closing Date/Time : 28/05/2021 14:00 AEST State Electorates : Moreton Bay
PQC Level : Local Authorities : Moreton Bay Regional Council
Tender Category : Consultant
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LCI Consultants
Level 9
Spring Hill QLD 4000
Accepted Date: 18/06/2021
Accepted Amount (incl GST): $16,390.00
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Tracey Leigh
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Phone:  5432 0648